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Thanks for visiting our site.  I am Korrie, the founder and mad scientist behind Makeup Worship.  I have always loved makeup and have been playing around with ways to improve on the mass-produced cosmetics since I was in college.  I have always loved being noticed and believe that being confident in how you look is the key to having a fun, fulfilling and very exotic life.  An empowered woman takes control of situations and decides the who, when and where of the seduction game. You can’t objectify me if I am self-assured and calling the shots.  I want excitement and adventure in all aspects of my life and follow my desires wherever they take me.  I want to have fun, be myself and be do things on my terms.

Three years ago I decided to leave my corporate life behind and chase my fantasies full-time!  I started designing alluring eye and lip makeup that made me feel sexy and shared it with friends.  The reaction was amazing and I took the plunge and launched Makeup Worship!

From our humble lab/office/warehouse in sunny Texas we have been busy creating a sensual boutique line of premium cosmetics designed for those who want to join me in pushing boundaries, having fun and exploring their wild sides .  We are a non-judgemental company that encourages everyone to embrace what turns them on without shame, fear or guilt.  Let us help you feel beautiful, sassy and in control.

Craft the look you want tonight.  Makeup Worship is designed to transform you into whatever role you choose.  Why limit yourself to just one look?  We create amazing makeup in small batches using quality ingredients, and bold colors chosen to get you the attention that you deserve.

We are a family business and take pride in providing well-crafted products and the kind of customer service that the big brands could only dream of.

Our cosmetics are:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Made in North America

Makeup Worship is growing weekly so check back often.  New products are being developed and produced every week.  Looking for something we don’t have?  Drop us a note and we will see what we can create for you!

We love to hear from you so please email us or contact us via social media. Get naughty with us!  Send us pictures of the looks you created and we will post them.  Share ideas.  Let us know what you think of our products.

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