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Posted on December 31 2016

Welcome to our Makeup Worship blog.  This is the place on our site where we are going to talk about whatever interests us.  Some of it you might like and some of it might offend you.  That's great!  If you like us keep coming back and we will try to keep the posts new and exciting.  If you don't - then just spend your time in our store instead.  We just want you to be comfortable and be yourself.

We are a different kind of company.  We love makeup and we have spent years building the sexiest, highest-quality line of cosmetics in the world (our opinion).  We also love people and sensuality and the diversity of desires and fantasies and fetishes that we all have.  We don't believe in guilt.  We don't believe that anyone should have to hide their desires.   We want to explore and experiment and push boundaries.  We want couples to lust for each other and tie each other up and tease and bite and laugh.  We want girls to look beautiful and feel sexy and confident.  We want boys who want to be beautiful naughty girls to go for it.  Dominate.  Submit.  Shock yourself.  Delight your partner(s). Blur the lines - be yourself - be confident.  We don't judge...ever.

We are not a big corporation.  We don't have rules.  We can be crass, and silly and naughty and funny.  We are here to sell amazing makeup so that your outside can be just as stunning and sensual and unique as your imagination.  We give tips, tell stories, talk about what excites us and what makes us laugh.  We are comfortable with who we are and we want you to be as well.




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