Tie Me Up!

Posted on December 31 2016


This card makes me laugh.  It is a shame that so many of us have been conditioned to feel guilty or ashamed or bad about ourselves because we want to let loose a little and try something new.  Why should your conscience hassle you for grabbing a couple of ties out of closet and tying your partners hands to the headboard.  It is hot to take control every now and again or to submit to someone else and simply lie back and open yourself up to another person.

I am not talking about a whole "Fifity Shades of Grey" scenario (although God bless you if that's your thing).  I am simply suggesting that spicing things up with a blindfold or a pair of furry handcuffs should be a regular occurrence and is certainly nothing to feel bad about.

Have fun with it.  Look the part.  Throw on a pair of thigh-high boots and some bold, dark makeup and play the dominatrix for a night.  Throw on a pair of glasses and put your hair up and play the teacher, librarian or secretary.  Use softer colors and create the natural, innocent "girl next door look" and allow yourself to give up control for a few minutes.  This is all for fun.  Why feel guilty?  Be yourself.  Be confident.

Let help! For every order over $50 we will throw in one of our custom made silk blindfold/restraints.  Before you know it you could have all the tools needed for a very sexy evening (or afternoon) of submission.


XoXo Korrie


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