Mistletoe and the Not So Forbidden Kiss

Posted on December 31 2016


A leathery-leaved parasitic plant that grows on apple,oak, and other broadleaf trees and bears white glutinous berries in winter.

Cool. Good to know. Also very boring.

Makeup Worship's definition: A reason to make out.

Mistletoe makes kissing - any kissing - socially acceptable!

Where at other times it may not be socially acceptable to kiss your crush - think your hot doctor, boss, teacher, the neighbor, etc. - this is the one time it is. What a perfect way to plant one on the person who gets you all hot and bothered. If people - think girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, coworkers, etc - think otherwise. Remind them: It's the rules you big dumb scrooge.

Leave your mark with a Mouth Mojo! Vibrant lipstick, soft lips.

Scenario 1 - Make Other Bitches Jealous
Leave giant obvious lip prints on someone because you're a bitch and it's fun to piss people off.

Scenario 2 - Have a dirty little secret
Don't want to go the bitchy route? Afraid to get your ass kicked? Kiss under the mistletoe when no one is looking and leave no evidence.

Liquid, Matte, Long Lasting

Get the secret job done with Kissy Sticks! Kissy Sticks are Liquid Matte Lipsticks that are kissproof, long lasting and so hot right now, like Hansel.

Hansel,zoolander,kissable, long lasting, lipstick
Hansel in Zoolander: Courtesy of

Scenario 3 - Do it Just Because
Even if you have no goal to kiss someone who gets you hot and bothered, it's a good excuse to be a kiss whore. Kiss him, kiss her, it doesn't matter. Kiss everyone! It's the mistletoe hall pass. Also consider kissing the big dumb scrooge, they clearly need some action.


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