Line the Perfect Lips - Without feeling like you need to join the circus

Posted on December 31 2016

Lip Liner is a must.  Not only does it make your lips look bigger and fuller, it prevents lipstick from from bleeding and feathering off your lips.  Think of it as a tiny lip-shaped fence.

Badly Lined Lips                        Perfectly Lined Lips

              Boo                                                         Yay!

This is a super easy trick I learned way too late in life.  I never used to wear lip liner but now I never let my lips go un-lined.  Seriously, I'm so ashamed of the un-lined lips of my past. How did I get anyone to go home with me, ever?  Okay, enough of my over-dramatized past lip mistakes, here you go:

  1. Make an "X" in the center of cupid's bow (yes that's what it's called, I don't make this shit up).  This is going to be how you get that coveted definition at the top of your lips.mouth-template-printable_397506
  2. line the outer corners of your lips making sure you don't go past your natural lip line.
  3. Line the very bottom, center part of your lip. Do not over-compensate here! This is where, if you don't follow your natural lip line, you are going to look like you had a run-in with a vacuum cleaner hose.
  4. Line the rest of your outer lips connecting the lines you made in steps 1-3.

For extra long-lasting lipstick fill in your entire lips with the liner before applying lipstick.

Stay Sexy!

XOXO Korrie


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