Posted on December 31 2016

What makes YOU feel sexy?  The answer is different for everyone. Sometimes it is a new piece of lingerie, a new haircut, a daring new shade of lipstick, an unexpected compliment or a great workout.  Other times it could be wearing thigh-highs to work or sending your partner a naughty picture.  The term "Sexy" is subjective and everyone has their own triggers and turn-ons.

There is one thing, though, that is always sexy - CONFIDENCE.  It is universal.  A recent Harvard University study noted that, "Being Confident will get you more dates that being attractive will".  Confidence is they key to both feeling sexy and appearing sexy to others.

The confidence I am talking about here comes down to feeling good about yourself and your appearance - being comfortable with who you are - liking yourself.  Confidence tells others that you accept yourself and that you invite others to do the same.  Confidence is accepting that you do not need anyone or anything to validate you - Simply being YOU is enough.  Confidence is knowing that you can handle whatever life throws your way - you have the inner strength to survive.  Confidence is accepting your personal flaws and mistakes and developing the ability to accept the limitations of those around you.

Confidence trumps shame and guilt and doubt - allowing us to explore what really excites us.  Confidence enables us to be bold and try things that we never thought we would be brave enough to try.

I created with the goal of helping people to build their confidence.  I want people to love how they look.  I want people to break free from the normal and dull and explore their inner-desires.  True confidence comes from within but I can help pull it to the surface with an extra dash of glitter or a deep, daring shade of lipstick or sultry eyes that will make those around you do a double take.  I want to find ways for you to show the world how confident you are.

XoXo  Korrie


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