Compliment That Little Black Dress!

Posted on March 10 2017

Here at Makeup Worship we are all about looking and feeling sexy.  We want women to own their sexuality and flaunt their beauty with confidence.  When it comes to looking hot, the classic Little Black Dress is a “go to look” that every woman should master.

The great news is black is a color that looks stunning on everyone. Whether you are curvy or slim, black will tone you down and greatly increase your “Hot Factor”.  The LBD is perfect for date night, fancy cocktails, an office party, or just feeling sassy and sexy.  As versatile as the LBD is, you'd better make sure you get your makeup right. Pairing makeup with a black dress is pretty simple and yet many people get it horribly wrong.  There is no quicker way to go from classy to trashy (not to say that we don’t love trashy sometimes…but this is not a trashy that you want.) Here are some makeup ideas to enhance the sexiness of that little black dress.


The eye makeup that you pair with a black dress will be the most important part of your makeup. You have a lot of options but we'll just mention the best three (in our opinion).

Smokey Eyes: Go with a black smokey eye. If you’re adding some color to the crease make sure you choose a shade of lipstick that won’t clash with this blending color. We suggest using a dark cream based eyeliner (We use Sex Pot in Black Widow)
Cream Based Black Eyeliner all over your lid to act as the base for a black eye shadow (Try Lid Luster in Take Me Now). Blend Blend Blend!Black Shimmer Eye Shadow


Steel Grey Eyes:

Grey Eyeshadow Grey can be a cold color, but damn it looks hot with a skimpy  black dress. First apply a thick layer of dark grey cream  eyeliner (We use Sex Pot in I've Been Naughty) to your lids.  Apply white shimmer shadow (Try Lid Luster in You’ll Do) and  blend the two together just barely past the crease. Use I’ve  Been Naughty on the bottom lash or water line to kick up the  drama. This blended grey concoction will be a head turner - perfectly complementing your little black dress.

Suave Brown Eyes: While the first two eye makeup ideas will make you look sizzling hot, brown is a color of sensual sophistication. You might choose this look to wear to a work dinner or to an important meeting. Use a coffee brown eyeliner and a neutral tone eye shadow to finish off your eye makeup. Try Lid Lusters in I’d Do Me or Pants Off.

Brown Shimmer Dust Eyeshadow      Nude Shimmer Dust


    The following lip colors will bring the best out of your LBD (In our not so humble opnion).

    Black Smokey Eyes with Red Lips

    Combine a sexy black dress and blood red lips ( try Vampire Vixen Kissy Stick) and you are guaranteed to have the boys (and girls) following you like puppy dogs.  The look is pure sex - but you need a certain kind of bold personality to carry off the explosive mix of colors. If you are not the bold type, it might be overkill.  Just a warning but we wouldn’t be too worried – you are hot enough to pull this off with room to spare! This lip color will go best with smokey eyes.

    Go Pink. Pink is a great compliment to anything black (some articles disagree, but we make our own rules here).  Combine a pastel pink such as Loud Mouth Color in Bend Over Barbie or a bright fuchsia-ish like shade such as  Mouth Mojo in Naughty with the Steel Grey eye makeup and you’ll have people groveling.



      keep your lips almost bare with a nude lip color or just lip gloss (Try Mouth Mojo in Submissive or Explosive Lip Gloss in Beach Bang). This look works well with any of the eye makeup options above, but will especially complement the brown look.

      Brown Eyeshadow with Nude Lips

        Finishing touches:

        To pull everything together, you can apply some complimenting blush or bronzer.  Don’t go too heavy on the blush if you go with the Smokey eye/red lip combo unless you’re trying to channel your inner clown. A tiny hint of a light red will compliment but there is a fine line between complementary and bozo.

        If you’re going with the brown/neutral lip look a bronzer is the perfect compliment.

        Pink lips = pink cheeks.  Definitely go with a light shade of pink on your cheeks here. The bozo effect doesn’t only apply to reds.

        Have you tried anything else that has worked well with black?  We want to see the hot makeup that you have combined with that LBD!


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